Buying a Commercial Coffee Maker

Buying a Commercial Coffee Maker

There is nothing better than having a cup of tasteful coffee to brighten up your day. This is why high quality commercial coffee makers can often be found in successful companies and businesses. You will quickly discover that both employees and customers often depend on coffee to wake up and function productively. Unlike home coffee makers, commercial coffee makers are able to serve a large number of people while accommodating to a larger variety of preferences.

If you are looking to buy a commercial coffee maker to add to your establishment, read on to find out what you need to consider.


The features of a commercial coffee maker affect its function and capacity to satisfy a large group of consumers at once.

Water Dispensing. Commercial coffee machines generally either have an automatic or a pour over water dispensing feature. Automatic dispensers need to be hooked directly to a water source. These automatically fill up the compartment. Pour over coffee makers require that people pour water from separate containers. This will allow the user to make the amount of coffee they want.

Brewing Capacity. Consider how many people the coffee machine will be servicing. Coffee makers will produce between 10.98 liters to 71.54 liters of coffee per hour.

Specialty Options. Consider if you need any specialty options. Some commercial coffee makers will include a hot water faucet, in case anyone needs to make anything that requires instant hot water. Other coffee makers have digital functions for better customization. There are also coffee makers that have multiple warmers, in case you want to serve multiple pots and different types of coffee at once. Think about what your establishment needs before you make your choice.

Office and Coffee


Commercial coffee makers are not all the same, as you can see already. Different types of makers are designed for different applications. Make sure that you do your research before buying your coffee maker.

Decanter Coffee Maker. These allow the user to set the amount of coffee to brew, and allow people to pour and serve their own coffee.

Thermal or Airpot Coffee Maker. These brew coffee directly into the serving device, with servers stored away from the brewing device. Usually they come with airpot racks, acting as warmers to hold up to six different servers. This also means that they are very transportable. These are great for meeting rooms, specialty coffee shops, and restaurants due to their stylish designs.

Satellite Coffee Maker. These are better for quick-serve environments. Deliver fresh coffee by pulling a handle. With these types of makers, you will be able to brew your coffee in a bulk quantity. Satellite coffee makers do well in meeting rooms, cafeterias, and other areas where it can reside as a permanent fixture, due to their lack of transportability.

Pod Coffee Maker. These are similar to the home pod coffee makers. You can make your coffee by inserting a specialty pod into the brewing device to make one single cup of coffee. You can also use reusable filter baskets if you are using loose coffee grind. The maker will pour your coffee directly into a mug or cup. These are better for small offices, and it allows everyone to choose the exact style of the coffee they want.

No matter what, make sure that you do your research before making a purchase for a well-informed and smart decision for your company or office.

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