Cleaning your coffee maker

Cleaning your coffee maker

After fair use of your coffee maker, you’re going to want to wash it. This not only prolongs the coffee maker’s life, but makes for better consistent tasting coffee. It may seem daunting at first, but once you know how to clean it properly, it isn’t all that bad. Some coffee makers have dishwasher safe parts as well, making it that much easier. Other parts you must wash by hand.

Items needed are, your favorite all purpose cleaner, white vinegar, dish washing liquid, some sort of cleaning brush (ie. tooth brush), and a microfibre cloth.

vinegarWe will use a standard Keurig single serve coffee maker as an example. First remove all removable parts (ie. water reservoir, lid, k-cup holder, cup stand etc). If any or all of these parts are dishwasher safe on your coffee maker, then you can clean that way. If they aren’t dishwasher safe or you don’t have a dishwasher, then fill your sink with hot water with about a teaspoon of dish liquid, let everything soak for about 10mins, then wash. When done, rinse them off and towel dry.

Now for the rest of the coffee maker. First, open up your coffee maker and using a tooth brush, brush away any coffee grind. Use all purpose cleaner and a microfibre cloth to rub down the outside of the coffee maker, concentrating on those tough areas (ie. below cup stand).

If you notice any white build up around where the water reservoir sits, take a cloth and soak it in white vinegar. Use that cloth and start rubbing the white build up. You will see it start to wipe away.

Now we can put back on any parts we previously took off to clean.

Once everything it back together, take your white vinegar and fill the reservoir about halfway. Start a brew cycle with nothing in the Keurig. Keep continuing cycles until the reservoir is empty of vinegar. Now fill the reservoir with water and run cycles until empty of water. This should get rid of any remnants of the vinegar.

And that’s it! Enjoy!

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